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 Application - Sassassin - Combat Rogue - Accepted

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PostSubject: Application - Sassassin - Combat Rogue - Accepted   Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:57 am

Personal Information



Occupation:Student at university

Playtimes:All day every day/every minute

Can you raid, Everday 19:00-22:00?Yep

Are you the Original account owner?Ofc

Character/Game Information
Character Name:Sassassin



Talents: (51/0/30 we want your talents like that please) 20/51/0

Explain your gem, and enchant choices:Well i spam attack power at enchants cause there isn't anything better than it and i spam 20 arp on every socket so my attacks will reduce my enemy's armor

Addons: (Just the raid ones DBM etc..) DBM/RoguePowerBars/ComboPoints/Ora2/Omen/Recount and maybe Grid so i can see how the raid grp is going

PvE Experience: (Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK)I play since BT patch of TBC but i have some Vanilla exp from my brother who has been part of a great guild(he was MT warrior tank)and a few years i started playing by creating my own account.Now from WOTLK i have done all raids except Ulduar.I didn't make it cause i had my account hacked.After that is ToC and ICC

PvP Experience: (Not Needed, could just show how well you can play your class)None....I am thinking of starting

Are you willing to bring Consumables to all raids?Ofc everything for the raid

Do you have any friends in Revolve?Nope

Are you ok for not getting loot as a trial rank? And are you happy to raid with the DKP loot system?I don't have a problem but after some raids i believe i'll become member and i hope to have some DKP on my account so i can loot in the future:D

Misc Information

Did you read the guild rules?Yes i did

Do you have a microphone?Yep

Are you willing to use it? (If not why)Well i am not the speaking type but if there is anything i know i'll suggest it to the raid by taking full responcebility

Do you have ventrilo downloaded and ready for use?From the very day i started WoW

Why do you want to join Revolve and not any other guild?Well i am currently looking for a just made guild which is going to have willing results on icc and i saw some players having a lot of bosses down in ICC and so i said to give it a try

What will you offer to us? (That another applicant cant)A 3 year exp a great dps for my class and team spirit.I can also help with tacts cause i have done all bosses on my paladin who is King Slayer on another realm unfortunatelly.

What were your previous guilds and servers? (And why did you leave them?)Mostra(left cause Gm had a lot of time to log and we didn't have any raids up)MYRMIDONS(lvling and raiding guild with no progress even in Naxx...)and Burakia AE(lvling guild and some pvp)

Do you have a hassle free broadband connection?The best connection in Greece with 24 mbps

Can you raid without disractions, from 19:00 - 22:00?Ofc

Anything you want to ask us?Well you'll might see my gear and u'll say i have low arp.Well the thing is that i got this chest on me which is for daggerplay rogues and not for combat but it was an upgrade so i took(i got in my bags the t10 but i w8 to get a mark so i can make it 264lvl)And also that i got a lot of hit rating that's cause of chest again and cause of my boots(i'll change em with the ones from 1st boss in 25 man but never dropped so i still hope:))
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Sassassin - Combat Rogue - Accepted   Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:26 am

I like this application.

Accepted /w ingame for inv
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Application - Sassassin - Combat Rogue - Accepted
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