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 Application - Rikkaru - Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted

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PostSubject: Application - Rikkaru - Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted   Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:54 pm

Personal Information
Name: Jassim

Age: 18


Occupation:Student ( Senior highschool )

Playtimes: I am online everyday for max 5 hours if there are no guild raids before i go out or sleep, And i can provide 100% Raid attendance since the place i hangout in has a gamenet cafe nearby

Can you raid, Everday 19:00-22:00? Yup, 100% Raid attendance, and i can keep my focus.

Are you the Original account owner? Ofcourse.

Character/Game Information

Character Name: Rikkau

Race: Troll!

Class: Hunter

Talents: (51/0/30 we want your talents like that please) Marksmanship 7/57/7

Explain your gem, and enchant choices:

Glyphs : Glyph of Steady Shot. With marksmanship as your spec, your steady shots are the most used attack and able to deal a lot of damage which makes it even better if you have this glyph.

Glyph of Serpent Sting. Adding 6 seconds to serpent sting, incrasing your total damage of your chimera shot.

Glyph of Kill Shot. Reducing a shot by 6 sec is wonderful, even if it's an attack you can only use after 20%. Although after 20% is when you really, really want to pump out as much dps as possible

Enchants : Agility agility agility, what more can i say? not icewalker :/ Since i am already hitcapped

Gems : ArP Untill around 600 PASSIVE ArP , so when NEC Trinket procs i will be capped, then i used Agility, untill i get atleast 900 PASSIVE Arp with the help of 2 arp gems.

Addons: (Just the raid ones DBM etc..) DBM , Karthus hunter timer , Recount , Omen , DBM(Cooldowns)

PvE Experience: (Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK)TBC :
Karazhan = Cleared
Magtheridon's Lair = Cleared
Grull's Lair = Cleared
Zul'aman = Cleared
SerpentShrine Cavern = 4/6
The Eye = 2/4
Mount Hyjal= 3/5
Black Temple= 7/9

*Quit wow before SWP Came out and came back playing first week WOTLK came out*

Naxxramas 10&25 man:Cleared *Undying - (Pre Ulduar)

The Obsidian Sanctum 10&25 man = (Pre Ulduar)
Eye Of Eternity 10&25 man = Cleared(Pre Ulduar)

Ulduar 10 : 12/14 (Pre TOC)
Ulduar 25 L 12/14 (Pre TOC)

Trial of the Crusader 10&25 man = Cleared (Pre ICC)

Ice Crown Citadel 10 = 11/12

Ice Crown Citadel 25 - 10/12

TOGC 10 = 5/5 Insasnity

TOGC 25 = 4/5

Onyxia 10&25 = Cleared

Vault of Archavon 10&25man = Cleared

PvP Experience: (Not Needed, could just show how well you can play your class) Sorry for dissapointment, but i dont pvp

Are you willing to bring Consumables to all raids? Yes ofcourse, Rikkaru always come prepared. cheers

Do you have any friends in Revolve? Sadlly not Sad

Are you ok for not getting loot as a trial rank? And are you happy to raid with the DKP loot system? Ofcourse im okay with not getting loot regardlless of any rank i am, and DKP is more than fine.

Misc Information

Did you read the guild rules? Ofcourse

Do you have a microphone? Yup Smile

Are you willing to use it? (If not why) Yes ofcourse, as a raider, i feel that it is important to communicate , say when i have debuffs etc.

Do you have ventrilo downloaded and ready for use? Yes ofcourse

Why do you want to join Revolve and not any other guild? You guys seem Promising , and a place where i can say " THIS IS MY GUILD AND I LOVE IT bounce "

What will you offer to us? (That another applicant cant) A loyal and deddicated troll hunter who always performs his best and is always there whenever you need him.

What were your previous guilds and servers? (And why did you leave them?):
Before icc , none worth mentioning as they where merelly social guilds

My stay within the guild Destiny was very short, dealing with personal problems and the lack of friendly players I still managed to progress further into ICC 10 and 25 , The members there are to arrogant, they think they are better than everyone when they themselfs fail and then blame other people.

Just a small social guild, my friend wants me to help him make it a raiding guild, so i helped him, and now he left the guild and left me for myself,

Do you have a hassle free broadband connection? Yup

Can you raid without disractions, from 19:00 - 22:00? Yes i can, i can go for even more if guild decides to raid more.

Anything you want to ask us? Not at all.

Others: I am a leather worker skilled enough for enchant , and i am leveling up mining for extra sockets. And i have Ilvl264 gear in my bank, i dont use them yet because they lack certain stats i need, and i have 3/5 t10 set bonus(Gloves in Bank) , But using 2/5 T9 (2) Bonus and T10 (2) Bonus will make up for the glove replacement, i will get my head after 3 days and switch the 2 t9's out so i can get the T10 (4) Bonus.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Rikkaru - Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:41 pm

Thank you for expressing an interest in Revolve Guild. The Guild Master and Officers will read your application and contact you in due course Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Rikkaru - Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted   Sat May 01, 2010 7:08 am

I like your application very much.

You seem to have a decent experience in ICC, and know what your doing.


PS: Raid spots may be tight.

/w ingame for inv
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Rikkaru - Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted   

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Application - Rikkaru - Marksmanship Hunter - Accepted
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