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 Application - Zuco - Arms Warrior - Accepted

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PostSubject: Application - Zuco - Arms Warrior - Accepted   Sun May 02, 2010 5:14 pm

Name: Bryan

Age: 44

Country: England

Occupation: Firefighter

Playtimes: Most days depending on shift pattern

Can you raid, Everday 19:00-22:00? Not everyday due to work

Are you the Original account owner? Yes

Character/Game Information

Character Name: Zuco

Race: Tauren

Class: Warrior

Talents: 54/17/0

Explain your gem, and enchant choices: Gone for AP where possible, +10 on chest. Meta is RED; 21 agi and 3% on crit. Chose this one due to its gem requirements, I only need 1 Nightmare Tear instead of 2 blue requirement of CSD. All other gems are now ArP. Chose these once my passive ArP got above 600. As I understand ArP at moment you benefit more from gemming these if your passive ArP is above a certain level; below it and you benefit more from Str gems. Opinion seems a bit divided where threshold is but 600 seemed a reasonable average. I know have 85% ArP from gemmed gear, T9 2 set bonus and BS. Weapon enchanted with Berserking. Best there is.

Addons: DBM, Omen

PvE Experience: Started playing just after TBC release. Had a few characters, raided Kara, ZA, and a little SSC. Cleared Naxx 10 and 25. I then stopped playing for a while and have done Ulduar and TOC 10 and 25 but experience is limited. Started playing with avengeance again some time ago and have done 7 bosses in ICC 10 and 6 in ICC 25. I always watch tankspot for any new bosses and i also benefit from having a son who is currently raiding ICC 25 HC; my personal technical support assistant Smile

PvP Experience: Love PVP. Done very little arena but got 15k HK's on this char, 87K HK's on an alt.

Are you willing to bring Consumables to all raids? Yes

Do you have any friends in Revolve? No

Are you ok for not getting loot as a trial rank? And are you happy to raid with the DKP loot system? Yes. I'n not a loot whore. I don't care for mincing round org or dala showing my latest epic off. I just want gear with the right stats to improve performance so I can help push with progression raids.

Misc Information

Did you read the guild rules? Yes

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Are you willing to use it? Yes

Do you have ventrilo downloaded and ready for use? Yes

Why do you want to join Revolve and not any other guild? I'm new to realm. Saw you advertising in trade. I'm looking for a guild that takes raiding serious but has some fun too. Your raid attendance also fits my shift pattern well; i should be able to raid 4 nights per week min.

What will you offer to us? As previously mentioned I am a mature player who has spent over 22 years in the Fire Service and as a result I am well experienced in 'team' ethos. I'm not the best DPS warrior you could recruit but I study class theory on forums such as EJ and spend quite some time experimenting on dummies and as such I am improving fast. As any human I am prone to the odd error but unlike some people i have played with I never 'finger point' and blame others; if someone screws up hold your hand up, simple. One aspect that differentiates good from bad, not just in WoW is that when you innevitably err you can either spit your dummy out, sulk, deny everything and try deflect attention away from yourself or take an objective view of your performance; identify a training need and rectify to minimise chance of recurrence. This is how I would approach someone else too; not in a critical manner but objectively; point out why an error occurred and what could be done to prevent it.

I treat WoW like the game it is; we play to have fun. Wiping is less fun that boss kills and boss kills require planning. So although I'm not real hardcore I understand that employing the 6 P's (Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) enhances the game's enjoyment.

What were your previous guilds and servers? (And why did you leave them?) The Fallen on Blade's Edge. Guild disbanded. Quite a few opted to move realms too.

Do you have a hassle free broadband connection? Yes. 10 MB Cable

Can you raid without disractions, from 19:00 - 22:00? Yes

Anything you want to ask us? nothing comes to mind. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Zuco - Arms Warrior - Accepted   Mon May 03, 2010 5:16 am

Dear Zuco,

This is probably the first application i have come across that has some effort put into it. I enjoyed reading it very much, when i looked you up in armory you were in PVP gear, however from your application and our class demand i wouldnt mind taking you even if you were in naxx gear, and to gear you up.

Please /w ingame


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Application - Zuco - Arms Warrior - Accepted
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