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 Application - Mordret - Destruction Warlock - Accepted

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PostSubject: Application - Mordret - Destruction Warlock - Accepted   Mon May 03, 2010 8:59 am

Personal Information
Name: Raymond Breet

Age: 29

Country: The Netherlands

Occupation: Single

Playtimes: played at lvl 80: 66 days 6 hours 43 minutes. Total playtimes: 113 days 4 hours 44 minutes

Can you raid, Everday 19:00-22:00? I can raid at those times but not everyday 3-4 days is for me enough.

Are you the Original account owner? Yep

Character/Game Information; Mordret destr ore demo lock. Got full lvl tailloring+enchanting, with icc pattrns.
Character Name: Mordret

Race: Undead

Class: Walock

Talents: (51/0/30 we want your talents like that please) For destr spec im 0-13-58, whem im demo i use: 0-56-13

Explain your gem, and enchant choices: Its the best what there is and im pulling a lot of dps with it.

Addons: (Just the raid ones DBM etc..) DBM, grid, Bartender, pratz, recound, Shadoweduff, Omen have more but these are main addons for me.

PvE Experience: (Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK) On my warrior i played Vanilla, in TBC i created a h.priest alt and warlock. And i regred that i didnt made a lock in Vanilla.

PvP Experience: (Not Needed, could just show how well you can play your class) I like pvp with me lock and priest some time to time, 30k kills(on lock)+22k kills on me priest.

Are you willing to bring Consumables to all raids? I always have Food/Flask+ potions in my bag; thats standard

Do you have any friends in Revolve? Nope

Are you ok for not getting loot as a trial rank? And are you happy to raid with the DKP loot system? I know the system, and i have patiance to be part of the DKP system.

Misc Information

Did you read the guild rules? Alrdy did before i made a aply.

Do you have a microphone? Yep i got a good working head-sett.

Are you willing to use it? (If not why) Yes

Do you have ventrilo downloaded and ready for use? Yes

Why do you want to join Revolve and not any other guild? I'm looking for some time now for a guild that offers raid times that fits for me. 19.00-22.00 is just prefect for me. Im a fisherman so i go out off bed very early in the morning and im not able to raid longer then 22.00.

What will you offer to us? (That another applicant cant) Moar dps, fishfeasts ( Until i finally have my turtle mounth) Demonic Pact when there is no Demo lock around, + i got a proffesional raid attitude with a cream of humour.

What were your previous guilds and servers? (And why did you leave them?) I come from Magtheridon horde, i played there from day 1 and the guild that was in disbanned after Ensidia migrated to Tarren Mill. I sticked around and slipped via FCM to Sunstrider when Maggy was very unplayedable. For the rest of few guilds before that wasnt the thing for me: to late raid times and most important for me to bad ppl.

Do you have a hassle free broadband connection? Yes

Can you raid without disractions, from 19:00 - 22:00? Yes

Anything you want to ask us: Whats the guild goal?
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Mordret - Destruction Warlock - Accepted   Mon May 03, 2010 9:28 am

We are tight on dps spots. But im willing to give you a try.


/w ingame for inv

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Application - Mordret - Destruction Warlock - Accepted
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