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 The <Revolve> Guild Rules

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PostSubject: The <Revolve> Guild Rules   Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:59 pm

Raid Attendency: You must be attending atleast 4-7 raid days, a week. People who consistently show up late, or dont't show up at all will be removed from the guild, or demoted. If you sign-up and then dont't show, you will be deducted for 50% DKP.

Loot: DKP(Dragon Killing Points) Everyraid that we kill bosses, or sit in a raid you will be gaining DKP. These are points that you can spend for items that drop. 50% Deduction per item. During 10-Man we will use Loot Council so all loot will be distributed according to what the officer thinks would benefit the guild most, and to our most solid players as a priority.

General Behaivour: As a guild, we want to have a good reputation on the server. Ninjaing, or aiming to steal items from pugs, whether it be for your own use, or to sell, MUST never happen. It will be a instant guild kick. When in PuGs strive to maintain a friendly behaivour and don't get to involved with the people that are most likely failing, and not doing there job, just make your aim to do your own.

Guild Chat: Having respect for others is key, although a joke once in a while can be funny. When in a raiding situtation its key to have 100% focus. Please keep the guild chat friendly, and welcoming for new people. Excessive unessecary swearing will be punished, however saying "oh shit" because you lost a battered hilt roll, would be acceptable Razz.

Raiding: During our raids, slacking will not be tolerated. We will have one 5 minute break at 21:30 or as close to that as possible. During this time you will have 5-10 minutes, to go get a drink, grab some food or go to the toilet. You should be back fully focused and ready for the next encounters.
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The <Revolve> Guild Rules
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